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PTCBITS.COM - is a site where you can obtain passive income without leaving home, you only need internet connection, a computer or cell phone.

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how to win at PTCBITS

We have the easiest ways to earn income! these are some of the ways to obtain cryptocurrencies


we have 3 types of Faucets where you can get AutoFaucet Faucet Normal and Fast Faucet coins


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Frequent Questions

Looking for information on why and how ptcbits.com Give Money or other questions Here are some answers

  • 01 How to earn cryptocurrencies at Ptcbits.com?

    At ptcbits.com you can win in many ways, Shortlinks, Faucets, Ptc and sharing your Referral link with your Family friends and other people!

    Faucets:Solve the captcha from time to time and get a reward

    Shortlinks:Visit the shorts every 24H and get coins to solve until the final step

    PTC: Visit our clients' announcements, try the antibot and get your reward!

  • Our Website Generates Income through Advertising from companies that monetize our website, so it is important not to use Adblock, vpn or other types of cheats that affect the website

  • No our website is not a scam you can work without risk of wasting your time, we pay you for working at ptcbits.com you can get information about our project at [email protected]

  • It is not totally forbidden to cheat. For the benefit of a user, any type of cheating, such as using adblocks, vpn, multi-accounts, among others, will be banned from our site without prior notice!